Release notes

Release notes for Shopit.


  • Fix setup requirement.


  • Drop Django 1.10 support.
  • In ProductDetailView, check for renderer format before adding django-cms menu related items.
  • Remove PhoneNumberField from the project, use simple CharField instead.
  • Lock requirements.


  • Rename package from djangoshop-shopit to django-shopit.


  • Fix encoding error in product admin get_name method.
  • Add phonenumbers library to requirements.


  • Fixes #7 - “unhashable type: ‘MoneyInEUR’” error in get_price_steps templatetag.


  • Small fixes in admin.
  • Fix indentation in admin help text for djangocms-admin-style.
  • Refactor tests.


  • Add support for Django 1.11 & DjangoSHOP 0.12.x.
  • Handle tousand separator when displaying money in admin.
  • Add ability to pass in order_number to order templatetag.
  • Add num_uses to list display for Discount Code.
  • After order was populated with cart data, delete discount codes.
  • Add ability to send validate key when updating the cart via POST. In which case the promo code gets validated without applying it to cart.
  • Add setting SHOPIT_DEFAULT_PRODUCT_ORDER to control default ordering of products.
  • Add ability to override ProductSerializer fields through the fields GET property.
  • Add attribute_choices to product serializer fields.
  • Add template field to Flag model, adn a SHOPIT_FLAG_TEMPLATES setting.
  • Add path to the Flag serializer.
  • Include categorization flags on a product.
  • Fix flag serializer field.
  • Use attachment subject_location when generating a thumbnail.
  • Add ability to pass in get_count as boolean through the request.GET object when in ProductListView and CategoryDetailView. This applies in non HTML formated response and returns the count of all (filtered) products as {'count': 300}.
  • Simplify urls into a single since was merged.
  • Separate admin modules into multiple files.
  • Move settings from to and re-format based on djangoSHOP’s settings pattern.
  • Add SHOPIT_ASYNC_PRODUCT_LIST and SHOPIT_ADD_PRODUCT_LIST_TO_CONTEXT settings to optimize ProductListView and CategoryDetailView.
  • Bump django-cms requirement to 3.5.
  • Set default prices to zero.
  • Fix field indentation in models and forms to follow Django’s style guide.
  • Various bugfixes.


Requires python migrate shopit to set default price and amount Money fields, and add a template field to the Flag model.


  • Handle InvalidImageFormatError error when generating thumbnails.
  • Add support for djangoSHOP 0.11.


  • Add never_cache decorators to account, review and watch views.
  • Optimize get_flags templatetag when filtering by products.
  • Add content field as PlaceholderField to categorization models.
  • Force setting priority on address form, order existant addresses by priority.
  • Update query_transform templatetag to remove empty values.
  • Add missing FlagModelForm to FlagAdmin.
  • Fix Flag unicode error in __str__.
  • Re-work the reviews, making them non-translatable. Not compatible with the old reviews, make sure to save them (if you have any) before upgrading. A way for adding reviews was not provided before so this should not be the case.
  • Add setting SHOPIT_REVIEW_ACTIVE_DEFAULT. This decides if created reviews are active by default.
  • Handle updating shopping cart via ajax, add success messages to it.
  • Remove CartDiscountCode’s from cart when emptying it, make last applied code appears as active.
  • Add PhoneNumberField field to the customer, add setting SHOPIT_PHONE_NUMBER_REQUIRED that defaults to False.
  • Refactor address forms, enable using either ‘shipping’ or ‘billing’ form as primary. added setting SHOPIT_PRIMARY_ADDRESS.
  • Fix address country choices.
  • Add and track num uses on a DiscountCode, alter the admin to display new values.
  • Enable frontend editing of categorization and product models.
  • Fix AccountOrderDetail view not returning the correct order.
  • Handle NoReverseMatch for add_to_cart_url in a Product serializer.


Requires python migrate shopit to add/remove fields on a Review model, as well as add phone_number field on Customer model, content field on Categorization models and max_uses, num_uses on DiscountCode.


If migrating with categorization models already added. You’ll need to save each models again for the content PlaceholderField to appear.


  • Add filtering by modifiers.
  • Update django-shop requirement to 0.10.2.


  • Fixes problem with migrations.


  • Add support for Django 1.10 & DjangoSHOP 0.10.x.
  • Alter templates to use Bootstrap 4 by default.
  • Create example project, move tests.
  • Rename description & caption fields to start with underscore.


Requires python migrate shopit to add a product code to the CartItem, rename description & caption fields, as well as adding an additional setting SHOP_PRODUCT_SUMMARY_SERIALIZER = 'shopit.serializers.ProductSummarySerializer'.


  • Add description field to categorization models.
  • Move variant generator methods from admin to the model. Now create_all_variants and create_variant are available on the model.
  • Update add to cart get_context to ensure correct product translation is returned.


Requires python migrate shopit to create description field on categorization models.


  • Bugfixes.
  • Fix get_object and get_queryset in product views returning inconsistant results.
  • Add get_view_url to product detail view to return correct translated url.


  • Add price range filtering in get_products templatetag.
  • Move product filtering to a manager.
  • Allow mutiple flags to be passed to the get_products templatetag.
  • Optimize attribute filtering with prefetch_related.
  • Enable sorting the products.
  • Don’t fetch flags from categorization on a product. Categorization flags are used separately to mark categorization and the don’t affect the products.
  • Fix templatetags.
  • Add option to limit get_categorization templatetag to a set of products.
  • Enable filtering categorization and flags via querystring. Change price range querystrings.
  • Add get_flags templatetag.
  • Make Flag model an mptt model with a parent field.
  • Show flags as filter_horizontal instead of CheckboxInput in product admin.
  • Show localized amounts in product admin summary field.
  • Use as_decimal when displaying price steps in template instead of floatformat.


Requires python migrate shopit to create mptt fields on a Flag model.


  • Ensure customer is recognized before registering a new account. This works around an error “Unable to proceed as guest without items in the cart” when registering without a cart.
  • Make fields in product serializer editable through settings, set optimized defaults.
  • Fix error when mergin dictionaries in python3.
  • Remove redundant code.
  • Fix trying to generate image thumbnail on attachment when file is None.
  • Fix weight setter setting width instead of weight.


  • Initial release.